Ethan Allen Long Rifles

A Living History Organization

Welcome to The Ethan Allen Long Rifles!

NOTE: As voted at the 2021 Annual Meeting, all members of the EALR are expected to follow current national, state, local and event COVID protocols at the time and place of an event.  Individuals not following protocols will not be covered by EALR's insurance policy.  Individual units within EALR may develop more stringent protocols if they wish.

The Ethan Allen Long Rifles is a muzzle loading, shooting and living history organization whose mission is to promote safety and accuracy in the use of muzzle loading firearms and public awareness of living history in early colonial and American heritage through education, demonstration, and recreation and reenactments.


The EALR  serves as an umbrella organization, providing insurance for several living history groups, both military and civilian, and is a charter club member of The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.   It is incorporated in the State of Vermont and is a 501c3 organization.    





Members of the EALR are eligible to join any of the recreated units.  There currently are four active units and one unit looking to join. They cover the French and Indian and Revolutionary War time periods and also civilian colonial life in North America in the last half of the 18th century.  Some members like to try their hand at more than one group.   

Please see the ACTIVE UNITS tab for additional information on the units and how to contact them directly.  The CALENDAR tab provides information on specific events each unit will be attending.


The EALR hosts a variety of events over the course of the year.  

Live fire black powder shooting events are held several times a year at ranges in Bristol and Underhill, VT and all members are welcome.    Members of the EALR are not required to join a living history group in order to participate in the events held at the ranges.

Please see the CALENDAR tab for additional information about upcoming events for the organization. 


Membership in the EALR is open to individuals and families.   You are not required to join an active unit to become a member and participate in any of the EALR events. 

Please see the BECOME A MEMBER tab for additional information and the membership application/renewal form.