Ethan Allen Long Rifles

A Living History Organization

Become a member of The Ethan Allen Long Rifles:


Membership in the EALR is open to individuals and families.  While re-enacting is definitely a lot of fun, you are not required to join an active unit or be a reenactor to become a member and participate in any of the EALR events. 

 Membership dues are annual:

 Individual: $25/year

Couple: $30/year

Family: $35/year

 NOTE: As voted at the 2021 Annual Meeting, in an effort to offset increasing insurance costs, dues has been increased by $5 for each tier as of January, 2022.

A family membership consists of two adults and all children under the age of 18 years.   The current membership application/renewal form is available here:    EALR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Form.pdf